Soccer Practice

Working with communities, for communities, for a better future.


We are a Nottingham based sport academy originally founded to help fight rising levels of deprivation in some communities in our city.  Football and Sport has the power to bring communities together and we aim to use this unifying element of sport to help develop community cohesion.  Currently we operate in Nottingham, but we hope to build on success to spread our operations into other cities and regions.

In the past many professional sportsmen and women would go out into the community and provide support and help on an individual basis and some, like Marcus Rashford, have campaigned for and achieved real change to benefit communities across the country.  Our academy is built on the idea that every community can have really positive role models like Marcus Rashford and although they may not be as famous yet the more of them there are the more they can do for their communities.  We work in partnership with the community to deliver the services that the community wants.

We achieve these community focused, community led services by:

  • Engaging hard to reach individuals through credible community mentors.

  • Designing and producing bottom up solutions in partnership with communities.

  • Reinvesting in services that benefit communities to provide a growing service in the future.

  • Promoting social action and community development.

We work with young people for young people.  You talk and we listen – to get the best service possible.

Who are we
The Mission

This took me back to my teacher training days – what is the difference between and aim and an objective when planning lessons.  The best explanation I was given is that the Aims (your Mission) was like the brick wall you hope to build. 


The Objectives (your Aim) are how you are going to lay the bricks to build the wall.  The trick is to avoid saying the same thing twice.


To provide, co-ordinate, champion and develop innovative sport services and solutions to support young people and communities by being a positive alternative to the high risk and negative lifestyles that currently involve too many. 


Our initial scope will be across the boroughs of Nottingham but, as a successful model develops, we hope to spread our activities as far as we can.  Gang related activities and violence blight too many young lives and we are a positive alternative.