Group sessions

Football training group sessions divided in age group and designed/pre-planned to develop different stages of the game for members only.

For more information regarding our group sessions please don't hesitate to contact us.


One to One sessions

One to one product is open to everyone the service is designed for the player to receive a more intense session with high level coaching.

It's also a great way to increase confidence in the player through our methods of coaching.

We have good examples that the service work and progressions in the players is evident within 3 - 4 of week.

For more information please contact us.


Private Holiday Camps

We provide private holiday camps during the school break 9am - 3pm.

A sport camp designed to keep young people active during the break. We provide a lot of fun sport activities indoor and outdoor.

The camps are run by DBS coaches with FA badges qualifications.

For more information please contact us.


AJ Sport Academy One to One session

A great way  to improve specific skills, the service is alter for the player. The sessions are monitor and designed to develop weaknesses in the player.

Also a good service to develop self esteem and confidence on the pitch.

Private holiday camps

Our new service have been successful and we received great feedbacks from our February holiday camp.

With support from Dunkirk primary school, we can provide a secure venue which allow us to have an excellent safeguarding for the young people.

For more information regarding the camps please contact us.


Next Steps...

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