Our Approach

AJ Sport academy have been created to work with young people in all aspect of life.

We use sport as an outreach to interact with young people, once engage we mentor them and provide guidelines for them to fulfil their potentials.

We work on developing future community leaders, which will create community cohesion.

Our Story

AJ Sport Academy was established as a community group to support the young people in the community by providing them with sport activities.

We used sports as an outreach to mentor the young people, through the good works and the delivering of many free activities in the community.

We are now grown into a CIC (community interests company) which allow us to apply for bigger funding and deliver bigger community projects.

Meet the Team

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Junior Rodrigue Keza

Founder & CEO

My love for football always kept me in the sport.

From playing myself to now coaching young players to develop not just foskills.skills but life skills and social skills.

Providing those opportunities to young people and being able to be part of their journeys make it all worth it.

Ashley Cook

Founder & CEO

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Paulina Cook

Organisation secretary

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Next Steps...

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