The Academy: A football development centre designed to train young talent and nature their love for the sport.

A great way into football coaching, we provide our coaching staff with the opportunity to obtain their coaching badges and further their careers into the sector.

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We provide indoor sessions for our youngest group.

We have a style of football which develops our young players and equips them with fundamentals of football.

Our central focus is on ball mastering and ball manipulation. We use various academy philosophy approaches to football coaching.

We have used our own experience and understanding of the game to enhance our coaching style and implemented our individual style and philosophy.

We are proud to say that members of the Academy are displaying the ball mastering and ball manipulation skills within their games.

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The group session is the next step in our members development.

It designed to improve fitness, speed, agility and altheletism. (SAQ)

The sessions are planned weekly and each week has a training theme. The young players get to improve on shooting, dribbling, passing and in-game coaching for position awareness on and off the ball.

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As an organisation we have been working with children and young people in our local community for the past 3 years delivering preventative afterschool term time and school holiday programmes in Partnership with Nottingham City Council. We have provided 312 Hours of Free activities to over 170 young people in our target area in the last year alone. We want to increase our reach and deliver more programmes across a wider geographical area and reach a wider range of diverse and marginalised communities across Nottingham by developing new coaches and producing community leaders to lead on these new projects. We will increase our capacity by improving our back office and financial resources to support our management input, development and time. This will allow us to develop new staff and ultimately able to reach a larger number of kids/people. We need funding to maintain our current running costs such as office hire, accountancy, administration costs and salaries to push us to the next level and continue the positive impact we’ve been making through all our programs.


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